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Fast Turn PCB is committed to providing the best and fastest service for the continuous innovation of technology companies, and creating a first-class electronic product design and manufacturing outsourcing service provider. In 12 years, it has provided PCB design for advanced electronic products, rapid PCB prototyping, and mass production manufacturing services for more than 1,000 technologically innovative companies. The future goal of JJ Technology is to establish the most efficient and strong rapid manufacturing platform in the field of high-precision PCB prototypes and multiple varieties of small and medium batches.


Multilay PCB and High frequency PCB


HDI blind buried board


Rigid flex pcb



A B O U T   Fast Turn PCB

Fast Turn PCB has been established since 2007, which is a PCB manufacturer specialized in high-frequency, multi-layer, 5G , RF,Microwave and quick turn around PCB with both prototype and low/medium volume production support. The company adhere to the principle of “​ Top quality, High precision, Special and Fast delivery”​ to serve for the market. It is gaining favor from 5000 customers from all over the world, and recognized as “​ the best coping capacity in technical and all-around service”​. Moreover, Fast Turn PCB got a reputation for “​ Best QuickTurn PCB shop”​. With such a great responsibility and the guidance of our business “market-oriented, quality centric ”, Fast Turn PCB is continuously importing advanced production facilities and recruiting technician to provid the most innovative printed circuit board technologies and highest quality standards for its


4 Reasons to Choose Fast turn pcb

Extensive pcb design and pcb manufacturing experience

Fast variety delivery capability

Perfect internal system management

Strong  pcb design team

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