Great KN95 protective mask


Product detail Packing detail
Product name : Great Medical surgical mask One pack 10 masks
Size : Big size Weight 65g
cm Middle size Size 27X16.5cm
Small size
Material Pure cotton Carton
Treatment Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Piece per box 2000 pieces
Certification CE Weight 13KG
Size 69x49x63cm
Oder detail
MOQ 100K pcs Delivery date  7 days
Shipping cost Pending Doctor  Suggest One time use



【Product name】 Kn95 Mask

【Product component】 A mask body, strap, the nose clip.

【Product Specifications】 Available size: L , M , S , XS

.【Application】 It is suitable for protections from dust, car exhaust, second‐hand smoke and other large particles, anti‐inhalation allergens such as pollen.

【Filtration efficiency】 BFE(Bacterial filtration efficiency) >98%

PFE(Nonoily particle filtration efficiency) >95%

【Storage and usage recommendations】

1. Wash your hands before wearing this product and avoid touching the inside of the mask when wearing.

2. This product can be recycled and stored in a clean, breathable paper bag; If necessary, it can be rinsed with clean water and hung in a clean, dry and ventilated place;

3. This product should be in individual package and avoid interact touch, and it is better to identify the user of the mask.

4. If the product is dirty, deformed, damaged, or has an odor, it should be replaced in time.

5. If this product comes into contact with or may come into contact with the patient’s blood, respiratory / nasal secretions or contaminated by other body fluid, please immediately replace it.

6. This product is prohibited to wash by hot water above 60° C or disinfected by detergent,


ultraviolet rays, microwave oven, steam, alcohol or disinfectant etc.

【Precautions】 For those who are not accustomed to wearing masks and for the following people who feel suffocated, please do not wear them for a long time:

1 ) People with heart or respiratory problems (such as asthma, emphysema), and please try not to be exposed to the haze environment for a long time.

2 ) Pregnant women.

3 ) Dizziness, dyspnea and sensitive skin after wearing.

4 ) Children under 3 years old.

【Storage conditions】 Store at room temperature, avoid moisture and water.

【Packing】1Mask+ 4Filters/pack

【Production date / batch number】 see packaging.

【Validity】 36 months

【Instructions for use】

Step1: Remove the protective

Step2: Cover the mask on the clip and stretch the mask, make nose and mouth, and pull the sure the position of the metal straps around both ears. nosepiece is on top.

Step3: Fix metal nosepiece to mode the nose area, check air tightness, cover mouth and nose with both hands, and exhale to prevent air leakage. Readjust nose piece if air leaks around the nose.


【Instructions for replacing the filter】

Step1: Tear off the filter Step2: Extend the filter along

Step2: Extend the filter along  the overlap to form a three‐dimensional shape.


Step3: Tear the release packaging paper bag and take the overlap to form a paper on the two wings of the out the filter. three‐dimensional shape. filter and simultaneously adhere

the two wings of the filter to the inner layer of the mask.

Note:Distributor of KN95/Disposable medical mask/face field/disposable protective suit/Medical Goggles/Forehead thermometer.

Contact: James.




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