C O M P A N Y   P R O F I L E

Fast Turn PCB has been established since 2007, which is a PCB manufacturer specialized in high-frequency, multi-layer, 5G , RF,Microwave and quick turn around PCB with both prototype and low/medium volume production support. The company adhere to the principle of “​ Top quality, High precision, Special and Fast delivery”​ to serve for the market. It is gaining favor from 5000 customers from all over the world, and recognized as “​ the best coping capacity in technical and all-around service”​. Moreover, Fast Turn PCB got a reputation for “​ Best QuickTurn PCB shop”​. With such a great responsibility and the guidance of our business “market-oriented, quality centric ”, Fast Turn PCB is continuously importing advanced production facilities and recruiting technician to provid the most innovative printed circuit board technologies and highest quality standards for its loyal customers.

Fast Turn PCB is dedicated to provide the faster and outstanding service for high-technology enterprises and scientific research in home and aboard. To work in advance production facilities and testing equipments from United States, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan etc, we have ISO-9001 and UL-E471959 certification. And for the PCB fabrication, we provide the following types:5G board, Blind buried Multilayer Board, Impedance control PCB, High frequency board, Antenna board, High-TG180 FR4 Board, Flexible board, rigid-Flex Board applied in the Communications, Industrial control, Network , IT, National Defense, Aerospace and Medical equipment.

While strengthening the Rigid Flex Board industry, Fast Turn PCB continues to develop new products,new technology and build R/D department to adapt to the markets. Our techniques include: blind micro-via (BMV) (TH) and Blind buried Multilayer Board; Pierced Flexible-PCB, Special Base material; Special printing Ink ; Controlled width and thickness signal lines; Special characteristic impedance of signal lines; High temperature of white printing Ink ;Line width and spacing control of signal line, special characteristic impedance of signal line, special shielding layer of signal line, etc