Key HDI PCB Benefits

The evolution of high-density PCB technology has given engineers greater design freedom and flexibility than ever before. Designers using HDI high density interconnect methods now can place more components on both sides of the raw PCB if desired. In essence, an HDI PCB gives designers more space to work with, while allowing them to place smaller components even closer together. This means that a high-density interconnect PCB ultimately results in faster signal transmission along with enhanced signal quality.

HDI PCB is widely used to reduce the weight and overall dimensions of products, as well as to enhance the electrical performance of the device. The high-density PCB is regularly found in mobile phones, touch-screen devices, laptop computers, digital cameras and 4G network communications. The HDI PCB is also prominently featured in medical devices, as well as various electronic aircraft parts and components. The possibilities for high-density interconnect PCB technology seem almost limitless.

HDI PCB Applications

HDI PCBs are appropriate for a wide range of industries. As mentioned above, you’ll find them in all types of digital devices, like smartphones and tablets, where miniaturization is key to the effective application of the product. You can also find high-density interconnect PCBs in automobiles, aircraft and other vehicles that rely on electronics.

One of the most critical areas where the high-density PCB is making huge inroads is in the medical arena. Medical devices frequently need small packages with high transmission rates that only HDI PCBs can supply. For example, an implant needs to be small enough to fit in the human body, but any electronics involved in that implant absolutely must efficiently allow for high-speed signal transmission. Here, the HDI PCB indeed is a godsend. HDI PCBs can also be useful in other medical equipment, like emergency room monitors, CT scans and much more.

Over the course of a decade in business, Fastturn pcb has established a hard-earned reputation for manufacturing PCBs of the highest quality. Our custom PCB manufacturing capabilities enable you to get the finest quality HDI PCBs at competitive prices without min order quantity requirement. Our team run design for manufacture check on your custom PCB file and consult with you to ensure it is ready for manufacturing and that your boards will meet your performance requirements. We also have an on-site quality control department to verify the finished product meet your high quality standards.

14 layers HDI PCB  by FastTurnpcb
14 layers HDI PCB by FastTurnpcb

We’re capable of manufacturing HDI PCB up to 24 layers in various structures, check the following table for our available HDI PCB structures:

HDI StrcucturesType ofMicro viasMassProductionSmall-MiddleBatchPrototypeAvailable
1+N+1Blind viasYesYesYes4 layers+
2+N+2Blind/Buried staggered viasYesYesYes6 layers+
2+N+2Blind/Buried stacked viasYesYesYes6 layers+
3+N+3Blind/Buried staggered viasYesYesYes8 layers+
3+N+3Blind/Buried stacked viasYesYesYes8 layers+

Check our HDI PCB capabilities by reviewing the table found below:

Quality GradeStandard IPC 2
Number of Layers4-24 layers
Order Quantity1 pcs- 10000+pcs
Build days2 days- 5 weeks
MaterialFR4 standard Tg 140°C,FR4 High Tg 170°C, FR4 and Rogers combined lamination
Board SizeMin 6*6mm | Max 457*610mm
Board Thickness0.4mm – 3.0mm
Copper Weight (Finished)0.5oz – 2.0oz
Min Tracing/Spacing2.5mil/2.5mil
Solder Mask SidesAs per the file
Solder Mask ColorGreen, White, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow
Silkscreen SidesAs per the Gerber file
Silkscreen ColorWhite, Black, Yellow
Surface FinishHASL – Hot Air Solder LevelingLead Free HASL – RoHSENIG – Electroless Nickle/Immersion Gold – RoHSImmersion Silver – RoHSImmersion Tin – RoHSOSP – Organic Solderability Preservatives – RoHS 
Min Annular Ring4mil, 3mil – laser drill
Min Drilling Hole Diameter6mil, 4mil – laser drill
Max Exponents of Blind/Buried Viasstacked vias for 3 layers interconnected, staggered vias for 4 layers interconnected
Other TechniquesFlex-rigid combinationVia In PadBuried Capacitor (only for Prototype PCB total area ≤1m²)


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