Business Introduction

The current PCBA business unit of JJ Technology has an area of 5,000 square meters and employs about 120 people, including 30% of junior college and bachelor degree staff.

Current production capacity: SMT can reach 6 million pieces / day ?, plug-in 600,000 pieces / day.

Main business: R & D, production and sales of high-frequency switch electroplating power supply, electroplating equipment, electroplating production line

Electronic product OEM (SMT patch, plug-in, inspection, assembly, aging).

Quick turn pcb

Processing capacity

The SMT workshop has 5 production lines, including 1 Panasonic NPM (2 + 1) dual-track high-speed line, 2 JUKI (1 + 1) medium-speed lines, and 1 JUKI model line.

There are 4 welding lines and 2 assembly lines in the electronics workshop. The lead-free and lead-free wires are separated and separated. The manufacturing, testing, and shipment of lead-free and lead-free products are strictly controlled.

? SMT capacity ?5 million solder joints / day
? SMT Production Line ? 5

Throwing rate

? Resistivity to capacitance 0.3%
IClass C without throwing
Board type POP / Ordinary board / FPC / Rigid-flex board / Metal substrate



? ? ? ?Mounting component specifications

Smallest package possible 03015?Chip/0.35?Pitch?BGA
Minimum device accuracy ±0.04mm
IC type precision ±0.03mm


Mounting PCB Specifications

PCB size 50*50mm?-774*710mm
PCB thickness 0.3-6.5mm


OEM main equipment introduction

l Solder Paste Printer (Desen Classic Series): printing accuracy ± 0.02MM, repeat positioning accuracy 0.008MM, precise optical positioning system, perfect printing of 0.3mm pitch and 0201 package component pads

Introduction of main equipment

l Solder Paste Inspection? (Tu Rui TU521): 15 / 10um high resolution optics

5M high-speed industrial camera

? Double high frame rate electronic programmable digital light grid

? Core algorithm GPU acceleration

? Height resolution? 0.37um

? Minimum measurable tin point spacing? 100um

? Minimum measurable tin spot size? 100 * 100um

High-speed placement machine: Panasonic NPM-D3

Mounting component range: taping 8-56mm;

Chip 01005-12 * 12 * 6.5mm

Number of material stations: 68 stations / modules

Placement head: 2 cantilever * 16 placement head

Theoretical placement speed: 84000CPH

Mounting accuracy: 40um / chip

Maximum mountable PCB size: 510mm * 590mm

l JUKI KE-2050 placement machine: suitable for placement of small components

? Component size

Laser recognition
0603 chip ~ 20mm square element
Or 26.5 × 11mm
(0402 chip requires options)

Component placement speed


Component placement accuracy
Laser recognition
± 0.05mm

Component placement types
Up to 80 types (converted to 8mm tape)

? Nitto SER-710A dual-track different-speed reflow furnace: heating in up and down 10 temperature zones, control accuracy of 1 ° C, and PCB board temperature distribution deviation of 2 ° C, suitable for high-density multilayer PCB and complex packaging device welding.

l Guang Shengde 300 wave furnace: automatic flux spraying, infrared hot air preheating system + spot light compensation, dual wave soldering tin bath, to achieve the complex DIP component welding

Products (board)


BGA + cheat


Compact foot IC + plug-in components


Digital tube + LED plug-in


Multiple complex component plug-in products


Irregular PCB patch


Bulk plug-in component products

Products (Finished Product)


Hand terminal


Military laptop


Data collector


Environmental monitoring instruments


IC credit card machine